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Custom Golf Club Fitting for Determining:
- Head style needs
- Shaft characteristic specifications
- Grip size and feel
- Swing weight needs
- Club lengths, lofts and lies
- Frequency slope
- Total club weight
- Set composition
- and Other Parameters

Custom Golf Club Building:
- Frequency matched
- Swing weight matched
- Flat line oscillation (FLO) assembled
- Moment of Inertia (MOI) Matching of Clubs
- Balance Certified putter fitting

Golf Club Repair and Adjustment Services:
- Reshafting (custom fitting)
- FLOing of existing shafts in clubs
- Custom Grinding of Wedges & Irons
- Regripping (custom fitting)
- Refinishing of woods (Persimmon and Laminated Maple)
- Loft and lie adjustments - irons and putters
- Swing weight adjustments
- Length changes
- Custom shaft bending (putters)
- Golf equipment specifications evaluation

Golf Swing Instruction & Seminars
- Beginning to Intermediate levels of instruction
- Youth and adults
- Private lessons
- Group lessons
- Golf swing clinics at company functions
- Golf Seminars

Golf Accessories
- Peak Vision Golf Sun Glasses
- Gear for Golf accessories

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Other Brands Available
Other Brands Available
Other Brands Available
Contact The Golf Doctor:
E-mail - dskitek@comcast.net
Phone - 816.853.7821
Location - 11716 E. 72nd Street, Kansas City, MO, 64133
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