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Meet the Golf Doctor

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My name is Dave Skitek (see my biography) and I offer custom-fit and built golf clubs, repair services, and golf instruction. The reasons behind the performance of golf equipment are the application of less than a handful of physics principles (everything else is cosmetic). Wouldn't the same apply to having your clubs custom-fit and built?

I'm one of the few nationally certified clubmakers/repairers in the metropolitan Kansas City area. In addition, I also have national certification in golf swing instruction. The combination of these two areas permits the offering of comprehensive clubfitting, building, and repairs to my clients.

Why Use Custom-Fit and Custom-Built Golf Equipment?

Virtually every person who plays golf professionally uses golf equipment that was custom-fit to (and probably custom-built for) them. Like the pros, you can't attain your best level of play without equipment that is appropriate for your abilities and swing mechanics. Playing a game of golf is composed of two things: your golf equipment and your set of swing mechanics. In my opinion, the relative weighting of these two is approximately 40/60 respectively.

Why use a "Certified" Clubmaker?

Would you entrust your brain surgery in the hands of a surgeon who wasn't board certified in that area? Would you entrust your heart surgery in the hands of a surgeon who wasn't board certified in that area? Would you place your less-than-simple income tax preparation in the hands of an accountant who wasn't a certified public accountant? Wouldn't the same goes for custom-fit golf clubs.

A clubmaker who has national certifications possesses skills that meet or exceed professional standards, ensuring that you're working with one of the best in the business of custom-fit and custom-built golf clubs.

Why Should You Have Swing Instruction?

Even with great equipment, most players are still not happy with their golf game. No matter how many books you read, TV programs or videos you watch, it often takes a certified swing instructor to identify and correct (as much as possible) swing faults to hone your golf game. With the 40/60 weighting, you can see that both custom-fit equipment and maximizing your set of swing mechanics are needed to have a satisfying golf game.

What people have said...

"I have played with 'off the rack' clubs for years, and my game and self confidence have improved tremendously with my custom fitted clubs built by The Golf Doctor. I now have a great appreciation for the time, consideration, and personal attention it takes to build quality custom fitted clubs. The improvement I've seen in my golf game is just what the Golf Doctor ordered."
Dave O'Hara
Host, Fox Sports Radio
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Contact The Golf Doctor:
E-mail - dskitek@comcast.net
Phone - 816.853.7821
Location - 11716 E. 72nd Street, Kansas City, MO, 64133
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