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I have a custom-made Driver and 5-wood from Dave (The Golf Doctor). I am hitting drives longer and much straighter. Dave took the time to carefully examine my swing mechanics and then suggested areas to work on before taking final fitting data. During two sessions on the practice range, measurements were taken to get appropriate specifications for all clubs needed in my bag. My existing irons were adjusted for length, swing weight, lie angle, etc., which has helped my overall game a lot. His knowledge of the game, various technical aspects of equipment, and swing mechanics is extensive, yet easily understandable as he takes the time to explain things. His quality service is prompt and well worth the fees charged. I wouldn’t think of buying a new club without consulting with Dave first. Custom-fit and built clubs are the only way to go for me.

Mike Glotzbach
Topeka, KS

As an athlete, I appreciate the importance of proper equipment. I'm a single-digit handicap player with high swing speed, a draw, and a naturally low (I thought) ball flight. Once being custom fit by Dave, the perceptions of my golf game changed drastically. Having resisted using a higher-loft driver fearing that distance would be sacrificed, Dave developed and built a new driver for me that made those fears disappear. The new driver has increased my net distance by 10 yards with 15-20 yards more carry. But more importantly to me, my accuracy increased. I was playing a 45" (today's typical O.E.M. off-the-shelf length) with 9° of loft and a standard size grip. I had no clue how important it was to match the shaft's bending profile to my swing. I now have a 44.5" length, 11.0° loft, 0.5° open face angle, a mid-size grip, and a shaft that's appropriate for my swing. I have more confidence off the tee than ever before. Dave has also developed and built two putters and a 56° Sand Wedge for me...all of which I love.

Rick, Etchells, Director
High Performance Tennis
The Whitworth-Etchells High Performance Group

I really appreciated the help Dave provided me in completing my required PGA club making training. Dave's extensive knowledge of club making and club repair enabled me to better understand how to properly club fit my students. Dave has deep knowledge of how the club and the individual swing interact and what equipment will most benefit each individual.

Karen Davis
PGA Professional
LPGA Member

Before Dave helped me I had given up on using a Driver. I’d tried several different clubs. I had a slice that I couldn’t cure. Dave found a cure however. I now have more confidence in the Driver he built for me than any other club in my bag. I’m consistently in the fairway with no compromise in distance.

Paul Broome, Owner
Broome Automotive Group of Kansas City

Dave, the Golf Doctor, helped my game tremendously. I appreciated his ability to explain and cut through the marketing terminology and clutter that exists in the retail golf world. He has a tremendous knowledge about the Physics principles behind golf equipment and takes a no-nonsense, common sense approach to offering solutions to club fitting. After evaluating my swing mechanics, taking measurements on various swing parameters and monitoring where I was hitting the ball on the face of my clubs, he made two great suggestions that have helped my game. The first was a swing mechanic adjustment and the second an equipment adjustment. I'm nearly 6'3" and have always played a Plus 1” over standard. Dave reduced lengths and now I'm hitting the ball cleaner and farther with all of my clubs. What I appreciated most what that, unless adjustments to my existing clubs proved not to do the trick, new custom-fit clubs weren’t pushed. I would unconditionally recommend Dave to any golfer. This guy knows what he's doing.
Bret Voorhees
West Des Moines, Iowa

David will do what is right for the customer and is concerned with how he can help them improve their overall golf game. He gives every club expert workmanship as though they were his own clubs. With his Physics background he provides a look at how the laws of Physics apply to the golf swing and to golf clubs. He truly knows that the shaft is the engine that makes the club work properly for that customer. Dave not only gives you first-class, fitted golf clubs, but an education as to why those clubs are right for you.

Derek Jennings
Director of Marketing, Golf Component Company

Thanks to The Golf Doctor my game has never been better. I had a set of drivers custom fitted and am thrilled with the results. The craftsmanship is exceptional; the personal attention during the consultation was superb! I would highly recommend The Golf Doctor to anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their golf experience.

Darla Gilley

I used Dave Skitek to replace 2 broken graphite shafts on my irons. I was scheduled to leave for Myrtle Beach and I did not get my clubs to Dave until the afternoon before my flight. Assuming I would have my clubs back within a week or so, I was pleasantly amazed when Dave returned them the following morning about 2 hours before my flight—that's what I call unbelievable service and commitment.

Trey McDonald

I had the opportunity to have a 56 degree lob wedge made by Dave to help my short game. He did an excellent job of fitting me with the right club. The craftsmanship is excellent. I play in many celebrity tournaments and this club has really helped my short game.

Isaac "Bud" Stallworth
Former All-American & Professional Basketball Player
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